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Senior Inquiry

With a splash of watercolor…

“Christine Marchi, Something Not Even He Can Comprehend, 2017, Graphite and Watercolor. #ArtistSpotlight: Christine Marchi, Augustana Senior from Algonquin, IL, takes us on a journey through imagination with xer graphite and watercolor Senior Inquiry project on display in the #AugieSeniorShow18. As an Art major, Christine asks the viewer to recall the feeling in the moment when yanked out of a daydream. Marchi says of xer beloved creations that, “Each character is unique and comes with their own story. I favor some over others, but when it comes down to it each one represents a piece of who I am, hidden or visible to a stranger’s eye.” Inspired by dragons, epic fantasy, and the “vast unknown reaches of outer space” Christine is able to take the viewer on a visual walk through a daydream. Though graphite has always been Marchi’s preferred traditional medium, it’s “monochrome tendencies” failed to show how thoughts tend to come in “bursts of color.” With the addition of watercolor Marchi is able to transform a work from a monochromatic work to a vibrant vision…”

– Augustana College, May 2017
Graphite and Watercolor