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Draw or Die (Sep 2019)

Daily prompt, single-elimination challenge #2


Draw or Die is a daily challenge for online artists. For 21 days, the artist has 24 hours to produce a themed piece of art reflecting a prompt. In September of 2019, the organizers of the challenge presented another narrative flow of prompts that encouraged us to make a continuous story out of our art. The prompt, and the story piece is included with each illustration below.


I hope you enjoy the story…

Day 1, Prompt 3: A World Enveloped In Darkness
No one quite remembers when the demons came.
The day the world merged with hell.
It’s too dangerous to be out at night.
Keep a light whoever you go.
Pray to the holy sun they don’t come for you.
Shutting your doors isn’t always enough.
But rest assured you are safe, should you find yourself without.
That’s what the hunters are for~
Day 2, Prompt 2: BBEG Reveals Themself!

When the guild said that this city had big demon problems, they didn’t say anything about a Prince…
Transition 2-3
Day3, Prompt 1 and 2: OC Losses Something Serious / A Battle For Survival
A Demon Prince!
No one here has had the displeasure to lay eyes upon one.
They are rare, and have even been considered to be nothing but a myth…
The Terrible fiend swooped down from above and descended upon Verinen, elegantly avoiding the precise shots of Maverick’s sniper.
Such speed was not uncommon for the demons, but this.. This was something else.
Before she knew it, our lady was locked in close combat with the prince, avoiding what attacks that she could with just as elegant of a repose.
She is a skilled hunter, but already worn from the city’s hordes she missteps just as the fiends claws connect with her left eye. Her golden irises mix with blood and pain as she stumbles back.
Day4, Prompt 1: A Rescuing Companion (part 1)
How about 2 companions? :3c
The team’s crow feathered assassin, and skilled alchemist, Maverick takes his shots from the buildings above. Causing the demon to back away from a staggering Verinen,
Unfortunately for him, this blows his cover. But as the prince makes to join him on the rooftops, the demon is assaulted from the back! He had not noticed the half elven man hanging from the adjacent buildings. Djimb, A priest of the holy sun, and the guilds best exorcist.
Day4, Prompt 1: A Rescuing Companion (part 2)
The Demon is knocked to the ground, stunned. Maverick takes this opportunity to get the drop on him (literally) …
Day4, Prompt 1: A Rescuing Companion (part 3)
… as Djimb rushes to Verinen’s aid.

(Vet emergency today so a rough story board is all I could get done. Panel 3 was going to be the one I rendered  😉 )
Day 5, Prompt 2: Fending Off Ghouls
After The teams quick thinking, Verinen is able to get back to her feat. However the wound on her eye has left her blind.
The Demon Prince lets out a horrible shriek and the hordes of lesser demons and Ghouls start to close in on the daring couple.

D: “well that’s troublesome… do you think you have the wind to hold up a little longer, dear?”

V: “You don’t know me at all, do you”

Djimb would offer a warm smile, it seems only yesterday that this daring lady had responded with an excited “yes” to his proposal of marriage. Verinan returned the glaze with a smirk before the two turned back to back to face the oncoming horde.
Day 6, Prompt2: Playful Banter
D: “Hey you dropped this. Better not to lose it like you did last time~

V: “Last time? Ah right, wasn’t that you’re doing?

D: “Hey how was i to know those feathers would be so popular with the harpies?

V: “HA, it was a good look, but I think I prefer the old fashioned style~
Day7, Prompt 2: The Aftermath of Evil
Banter aside, the trio had managed to cut down the remaining ghouls. However with their attention diverted, the Demon Prince took the chance to flee. He could be anywhere in the city by now, especially with those wings…

With Maverick at first watch, they all take the time to have a short rest. Gods know our bloodied hunter needs it.

Djimb takes the time check the wound left on his fiancé’s eye, gently brushing the hair out of her face. The marks run deep, and the blood that seeps from it almost seems to glow in the scarlet moonlight. Not your typical wound behavior. But this was no typical fiend. What would a demon prince be if he were not to leave the mark of evil in his wake?

“Easy…! Sweetheart, it still burns…”
Day 8, Prompt 2: A Wondrous Structure
The damage that had been done was too much for Djimb’s magic to heal, or Mavericks remedies to take effect. A grand cathedral of the Holy Sun lay at the center of this city, if they were able to make it there in one piece it may provide the materials needed to stabilize Verinen’s wound, lest it gets worse.
Day9, Prompt2: Wise Counsel
As she approaches the threshold of the chapel, Verinen is stopped suddenly as the mark on her eye begins to burn with a searing pain! Only moving outside the building subdues it.

From inside a omniscient voice echoes, “The foul blood of demons is not welcome here.”

Djimb pleads with the angel, explaining the situation and that Verinen is in need of help.

“We are merely the guardian of this holy place, but we can tell you what must be done.
Seek the demon that inflicted the bloodied curse and eliminate it. Only then may her soul be saved and allowed within our walls.
“Please understand we mean you no in-hospitality, it is merely to protect the others who already seek our sheltering light”
Day10: Awakening a Hidden Power/ Learning Something New
(ya know it could count as both lol)

Before you leave, Exorcist. Bring me the hunter’s sword.
Allow me to teach you a blessing – a gift of our rising sun.”

Djimb brought Verinen’s blade as requested. It was an old tool made of cold iron. It was passed to her from her grandfather, and perfect for slaying the demonic fiends.

The cathedral’s guardian instructed Djimb to focus his energy into the blade, and in doing so the dark metal begin to glow with a brilliant light!
Day 11: A Critical Success!

They head out and Verinen tests the blessed sword on one of the beefier lesser demons. The blade cuts through just like butter~

Djimb: “Look at her go! That’s my wife.”

Maverick: *signs* “The ceremony isn’t for a couple more months.”

Djimb: “That’s my WIFE!” 
Day12: A Magical Anomaly
the three hunters search high and low for any sign of the Demon prince that inflicted Verinen’s wound.
The moon hangs low and glows an eerie red. It has been hours since night fell and yet it seemed as though no time had passed. The moon remained unchanged and the fiends that run amok through the city showed no sign of slowing down.

Maverick possesses a kind of strange magic. The mask on his face will appear more skull-like whilst lurking in shadows. However, in any natural light, the mask should appear to only be made of a white leather with green lenses to see through.

The moon, however, offered no solace. No true light. The feathered assassin was a walking reminder of it. This was unnatural, to say the least. An odd anomaly that may not get better with time. The trio better find its cause, lest the night last forever.
Day13, Prompt 1: A Monstrous Threat Revealed!

It is rumored that each of the great demon princes has a guardian. A great beast that will protect the prince and be their eternal companion. One might imagine a sort of dog-like creature. But this, this… is no dog.

A great terror looms!
Day 14, Prompt 1: Success at a Cost! (part 1)

The battle was hard-fought…

And the great beast fell…
Day 14, Prompt 1: Success at a Cost! (part 2)

Exhausted by the effort…
Day 14, Prompt 1: Success at a Cost! (part 3)

V: “Pitiful creature, but worry not, your master will join you soon… Djimb, the prayer..”
Day 14, Prompt 1: Success at a Cost! (part 4)

V: “…Djimb? You alright?”


He’s a little upset they killed his dog…
Day 15: Villainous Plans Revealed
What a lousy time to get possessed!

The demon spoke in a hushed tone, his voice echoing within Dijimb’s mind as the horrible fiend held tight to the half-elf’s soul.

“My my… didn’t you know, an exorcist is at his most vulnerable right before he conducts his rituals? It’s so easy to slip in to one so spiritually open~”

“Of course, Right as rain, Darling~”

“Remind me again what it is an exorcist does? Evicts my kind from their new homes in flesh, merely to let the original soul that resided there be at peace?

“How quaint.

“But can you imagine? Should that power be reversed?

“That blasted angel in the cathedral is the only thing standing between me and taking total control of this decadent city.

“I’m not allowed within their walls…but you~ My dear vessel of *light* can take me exactly where I need to go~

“An eye for an eye.
Day 16: Sacrifices Made
This is a bit of a long shot, but here we go!
Djimb’s body is in full possession of the Demon Prince
However the party in none the wiser as the beasts body falls away before a prayer needs to be uttered.

Maverick senses something is amiss when “Dijimb” fails to read his sign language. They are all fluent to accommodate Mavericks disability, so he turns to Verinen instead.

M: <signs>*Somethin’s wrong*
V: “Are you sure you’re alright? Let me see your eyes, Djimb.”
D: “M-Lady have you looked at yours in the mirror lately?”

Before Verinen can retaliate, the possessed exorcist turns heel and begins to run off in the direction of the Cathedral

V: “W-Where are you going?!”
D: “You don’t want to miss the gathering, now, do you?”

Maverick and Verinen give chase. (Has Djimb always been this fast?)
As they round the corner into the courtyard, they see Djimb standing atop its grand steps, a wry grin dawning his lips. And in the cool light of the cathedral, a shadow of horns and a tail can be seen enveloping our dear Djimb


“Oh yessss~ “

“Fiend! Let him go, you can’t go in!”
Through the pain, Verinen fought. But with every swing and parry, every time she got close enough to her fiance’s face she could see the pain he was in as well. His body could not handle the power of the demon that possessed him. It was going to tear him apart!

It was then she had to make a choice, and as tears welled up in our dear hunter’s eyes, she landed a final thrust of her blade through the chest of her beloved, and into the very being of the demon itself.

(christ, that was a close one. Had a couple family emergencies today so i wasn’t able to make this as pretty as i originally wanted)

How are those emotions guys?
Day 18: Epic Clash (part 1)

Rin gingerly pulls the blade from her loves chest, sputtering apology after apology.
The wound has made his body unfit for the demon, and the Prince is ejected out, sporting his own wound of threatening proportions.
Within the confines of the church, the demon’s wound doesn’t regenerate.

Djimb, free of the demons clutches looks down at Verinen’s blade in his chest, then back up at her as she places a bloody hand on his cheek
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry..”

Day 18: Epic Clash (part 2)

“don’t be..”
Day 18: Epic Clash (part 3)

He gives her a soft smile, grasping her blade and casting one last blessing before falling limp to the ground.
“Its not your fault, now go…”
Day 18: Epic Clash (part 4)

With a cry of anguish, she leaps forward across Djimb’s crumpled form…and strikes…
Day 19: Victory at Long Last (part 1)

The Demon Prince’s head rolls to the ground, and it along with the body dissolves away under the blue light of the cathedrals rose window.

Outside the red glow of the moon was no more, and the fiendish hoards Maverick was keeping at bay turned to dust beneath its the pale moonlight.

They’ve done it.

They’ve won.
Day 19: Victory at Long Last (part 2)

But at what cost?
Day 20: Life After Darkness (part 1)

Thousands of lives were saved at the sacrifice of one. The darkness was defeated and all were able to return to life as usual…
almost usual.
Day 20: Life After Darkness (part 2)

Wounds are treated and weapons mended, and life carries on.
But as Verinen comes to find, There are some wounds that time can only hope to heal.

Years pass since the prince was destroyed. Much has happened, and life thought to be lost was found again. (but that’s another story) A body was lost, but a soul saved.


Day 20: Life After Darkness (Bonus)

A New Adventure Awaits!

Only March kids will remember 
Outtakes 1
Outtakes 2